The next supplement is BCAA. I won’t write you what is the composition and what it contains, etc. because, as I said, I don’t want to make this blog based on theory, I want to put reliable information about supplements.BCAA isn’t a necessary supplement. On many pages we can read :”BCAA may reduce fatigue during exercise, reduce muscle soreness, may increase muscle mass”. I would say, after a longer taking it I noticed that I am more resistant, my muscles recover quickly and are more resistant to fatigue. I don’t think that it would help with weight loss. Anyway, I think it is worth to take BCAA, it isn’t expensive and it may increase our body. I don’t believe in all the wonderful properties of this supplement but I think it works partly.I remember that when I was working out and thanks to full supplementation my body fat decreased to 7% , so probably BCAA had an influence on it.Anyway I recommend this supplement.I haven’t noticed any side effects.You can write to me about your feelings.



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