Beta Alanine

Hi, in today’s post I will review another well-known supplement- beta alanine . I heard about it a long time ago from a colleague who told me that when he takes it he has a lot of strength and has itchy skin (the most face) After such a review , everyone would buy it.
I think that anyone who hears the word beta alanine thinks about itchy skin.The first time I used it before the match, I was sick and powerless but when I took it I really back to health.I know it sounds like a cheap commercial but It’s true.
Maybe it was feeling only in my head.For several months I used it only once a week and then I really felt different. I was energized by that.
I started to take it everyday (5g per day) and because of that the feeling of energy disappeared.
It works like a lot of pre-workout supplements. Our body gets used to them and they don’t work like they were at the beginning.
We can read:”Beta-alanine aids in the production of carnosine. That’s a compound that plays a role in muscle endurance in high-intensity exercise
That’s true but If you take it everyday the clear effects disappear.It doesn’t mean that it is a weak supplement. I know many people who praise it, I just treat it as a pre-workout supplement and I should take it once a week and then I will be able to notice my favourite effects. If you also do some sport and you want to get a little energized, I can easily recommend you a beta alanine.

You have to decide If you want to feel a great energy after taking (if you take it once a week) or If you want to build muscle endurance and take it everyday ( and feeling energy disappear)

If you like it check my previous posts and let me know how beta alanine affect on you !



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