Bioptimizers -Masszymes and P3-OM Testing

Hi, I recently got a message from one of my readers to test the supplements from BiOptimizers-Masszymes and P3-OM. I didn’t wonder too long and immediately ordered 2 packages-one Masszymes and one P3OM. (I bought bigger sizes of 250 caps and 120 caps). I paid 137$ for all. Supposedly, these supplements work very well separately, but when used together they give surprising results. So I’m going to check it out and I am very happy that I will finally be able to share with you the results on experimental supplements. I have never heard about them before, but apparently their key to succes is to improve digestion. We can read:” Everybody who trains and eats protein love it because they get A LOT more amino acids to the muscles, faster and better gains. Vegetarians and vegans love it because it breaks the hard-to-digest vegetable protein into usable aminos.” Well, I’m very curious if it really works, I don’t want to cross them off immediately. We give them a chance. I will take 3  caps a day both supplements and working out 4 times a week. They helps the body to build muscle,so I want to know If I can make any progress and if it makes me feel any better.

 OK  ! I’m starting to test , and If you want to read something more about these supplements


See you next month!

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