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If you are here, you probably planning to buy BioptimizersMasszymes and P3OM.It was big news around ,so I decided to test it and check out how BiOptimizers really work.It’s obvious , everything on their page can’t be true.Nevertheless,I’m completely surpised by the effects.If someone didn’t hear about these supplements I will describe it quickly and tell you something about my test.At the beginning I want to say that these supplements are good for everyone, no matter whether you working out or not.Basically ,BiOptimizers improve digestion.Masszymes is strong protein digesting enzyme ,thanks to this our muscles should receive many more amino acids,recover faster and get better gains.I was looking for information on their site and I found that thanks to Masszymes, eating only 85g of protein a day it’s enough to gain muscle.I wanted to check it out. As for P3-OM, it’s a probiotic that eliminates bad bacteria fast, eats up excess sugar and protects your gut from viruses.I wanted to check it out too.Namely, I tried to eat 85g of protein everyday, eat more sugar than usual and working out 4 times a week. I took 9 caps Masszymes per day and 4-5  caps P3OM.Thanks to this dose I had enough caps for 27 days.I paid 137 $ for 2 bottles.

So…let’s get to the point.

Many people said that after one day ,they felt a difference.I can’t agree.I felt the first effects after 4-5 days.I’m talking about wellbeing.Believe it or not I really felt the difference.After waking , I never felt better.Even a day after hard training, I didn’t feel tired, I felt really good.As regards the general health, buying these supplements is a good choice.Let’s get down to the gym effects.A month ago my bench press record was 224 lbs.After 27 days I raised 242 lbs.I think that biOptimizers had a big impact on it.After 20 days, the difference between energy on training was obvious.As you can imagine ,after 27 days I don’t look like Eddie Hall ,but my biceps gain 1 inch.In my opinion it’s still a very good result for eating 85g of protein.You may ask how much I gained by the sugar.I’ve gained about 2 pounds.I haven’t checked the adipose tissue , but I think it decreased.I look and feel better.In conclusion, I am really surprised by these supplements.First of all, I am thinking about the well-being, because the increased energy was visible and throughout the period of test I didn’t feel fatigue.As we know , everything about biOptimizers on their site can’t be true , but the movie about the digestion of meat with Masszymes&P3OM and without is impressive.Surely, buying Masszymes and P3OM makes sense. No matter if you want to lose weight or gain muscles ,it will certainly make your life easier.I’m very surprised because I didn’t eat healthy (only 85g of protein and a lot of sugar), and still burned fat and gained some muscles. Before buying I would never believe that.I suspect,If I were eating 50g more protein , the effects would be much better. I think it’s worth buying, worth checking out how it works on you, you should risk $137 especially when the producer offering 365 days of return without any consequences.If you want to buy these products, I bought it from this site, you can read something more about biOptimizers here . You can also watch a movie I was talking about.

I hope there will be more such tests, because I really had fun and I’m sure that I helped you a little.If you have any questions about the test,contact me I will answer you as soon as possible.You can also write about your feelings.

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