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Ok , let’s start our supplements rating with creatine – one of the best known.I’ve been taking it for a few years and I have to say that at the beginning I was scared. I didn’t know what could happen after incorrect taking.Currently , many people ask a question “How should i take creatine?” I was one of them. I wanted to build muscle because I was footballer and it would help me.I decided to start working out and thanks to creatine I gained 3 pounds of muscle very quickly.I was taking 5 grams per day and I think that’s the right dose for people who want to grow consistently.I didn’t notice any side effects.I recommend buying creatine powder instead of pills because it’s cheaper.I won’t give you any laboratory information, I just want to say that there is nothing to be scared and if you want to gain muscles you can take creatine without fear.Of course, taking creatine without working out won’t do anything, you have to work hard but the truth is that creatine can make your life easier.The effects will come much faster.So,if you want to read more from a “professional site” click here

but I don’t recommend such sites because you can read lies about it. My only advice is to drink a lot of water when you take creatine

My results after 1 year :

-biceps +6cm 

-forearm +2,6cm

-chest +12cm

-thigh +8cm

-calf +4,5cm

I think it’s a necessary supplement if you want to start working out.


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