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In today’s post I will tell you an easy way to lose weight quickly. It is partly related to the supplement, but I think you will like it. This method was tested by my friend who wanted to lose weight because he was waiting for surgery and it would greatly improve his condition after all. Maybe you’ve heard about it before – Thermo speed. He used the Hardcore version from Olimp.He took one capsule before training. The training included an hour, sometimes longer running. Additionally, he wrapped his belly with a transparent foil. I know that someone say that this is unhealthy because the skin can’t breathe but during one hour running it shouldn’t be a problem. You will probably ask what are the side effects of Thermo Speed. In his case, it was headache and elevated heart rate. But all these ailments disappeared right after the training, so these are temporary symptoms.Side effects depend on the person.They can be different.Elevated heart beat is a serious ailment ,even if it’s temporary I don’t recommend taking it If you have heart defect.Another advice , you should drink a lot of water with the capsule, otherwise you may feel the burning in the throat. I remember that, thanks to this method he lost about 12 pounds in a month. My opinion is that if you want to lose weight you should running.You have to move a lot ! This type of supplements will help you, but if you use it and do nothing you won’t see the effects. If you have any questions , write boldly.




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